Recent developments in Polkadot: June 2018

Since the last update we’ve had the first release of the Polkadot test net (PoC1) and we are now on to the second version of the test net. The transition to the second test network was handled smoothly via an on-chain upgrade which is the first time that’s happened on a public chain.

However, a lot has happened so let’s have a recap!

June 7th – Blog: How Polkadot tackles the most challenging problems facing the blockchain ecosystem.

Some of the blockchain’s issues that Polkadot is trying to solve include privacy, security, speed, interoperability, scalability, developability, and governance. Polkadot solves these problems with a multichain framework that allows for stand-alone blockchains or hosted blockchains that they call parachains, to interoperate.


June 7th – Polkadot Pizza Day!

Also on this day! The world’s first transaction for dots: 10,000 dots for a pizza.


June 9th – Guide on how to become a validator in PoC1

Gavin wrote a guide on how to become a validator on PoC-1 and for this, he explained that you’ll need two things: first, enough DOTs for staking and second a computer with a fast a stable internet connection.

The original instructions are no longer available.

June 21st – Blog: Preparing to build on Polkadot

In this blog, we can find information about two possible development paths:

  • For decentralized applications (DApps) to be on-boarded to the Polkadot platform,
  • and an introduction to how developers can build a fully featured parachain.


June 22nd – Polkadot nominated for three Europas Awards 2018

The Europas Awards are given out by TechCrunch Europe every year.

Polkadot was nominated for:

  • Hottest Blockchain Protocol,
  • Hottest Blockchain ICO in Europe,
  • and Jutta Steiner as the Hottest Startup Founder.

Polkadot eventually won “Hottest Blockchain Protocol“.

June 22 – Robert Habermeier, Polkadot co-founder, named 2018 Thiel Fellow

A great honour for Polkadot and co-founder Robert Habermeier as he was named a Thiel Fellow by the Thiel Foundation. He will receive funding of $100,000 for his efforts to continue developing Polkadot. In addition, he will have access to the mentorship of the Foundation’s network of scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs. This award is given to young talented individuals for pursuing innovative ideas and starting companies.


June 26th – Blog: Setting up a validator node in Polkadot PoC-1

In this blog, A set of instructions were presented (as they appear on GitHub, see above for June 9th) but with the addition of a picture at every step. This will help anyone with a little familiarity with Linux to get a node up and running.


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