Recent developments in Polkadot: July 2018

There was a marked pick up in communications from the Polkadot team in June (see previous blog). In part due to the hiring of Jack Plats into the Web3 Foundation team, which increased capacity but also saw better internal alignment.

July saw the release of PoC2 and a major milestone in the evolution of blockchain technology: the first ever on-chain upgrade of a public network. Also the deployment of the first parachain!

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Recent developments in Polkadot (April / May 2018)

The high price of ether at $1000 back in January was certainly a heart-pounding time in the market; however, the biggest developments for Polkadot so far were released in April 2018.

Let’s have a recap.

April 10th – First External Transaction

Gavin posted a picture of the the first external transaction to be validated  (and finalised) on a Polkadot chain. He was running a local testnet on his laptop.

First external transaction validated on Polkadot
First external transaction validated on Polkadot

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